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Carp fishing bait Leicestershire

Ultimate Carp Baits

Carp Goo Bait Smokes

Ultimate Carp Baits UK carp goo bait smokes will blow you away how good it works in the water. More importantly how much more your catch rate will increase. These goos are more than just colourings and flavorings. They are much more complex recepies than that and each flavour goo has it's own unique profile. These are on par with the Korda goo and our customers even say our goes are better and the prices are out of this world. All our goos are 100% pva friendly and can be used with pva bags and pva mesh. Our goo is not thin like liquid it is more like a syrup not to thick yet perfect in consistency it clings to baits, pva etc. Will also soak into baits if left soaked over night or longer. Can be used on many other baits with impressive results. The UCB fluorescent fishing goo once hitting the water will give off an amazing fluorescent green smoke releasing all those bait nutrients into the water column top to bottom. Once hitting the bottom of the lake bed it acts like an atomic bomb cloud. See pictures at bottom of this page to see the results and to check out our range of carp goo products.

In this video we show you how well our UCB carp goos work in the water. We coat a PVA mesh bag with 6mm pellets and coat it in our goo. You can clearly see it does not break the mesh bag when coated and does not effect the melt down time either. We done this test in cold water.

In this video we show a freshly coated boilie in our UCB carp goo and how good it is in the water. You can see it has a very impressive effect releasing all those nutrients and attractors into the water column. this test was also done in cold water


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