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Carp fishing bait Leicestershire

Ultimate Carp Baits

Fishing Bait Company What We Do

UCB fishing bait company make and are carp bait suppliers that supply all our carp baits here in the UK. We have a wide range choice of quality fishing bait products. Such as boilies, pop ups, wafters, boilie glugs, liquids, bait soaks, goo, liquid food and lots more. All baits are made to the highest standard and are made with the angler and the fish in mind. All the fishing baits we make are all made using the finest of ingredients on the market with many well known like Robin Red, whey proteins, egg proteins and so much more.

fishing bait company Leicestershire

Carp Bait Suppliers Try Our Baits

Ultimate carp bait suppliers in the UK why not try our baits. Not only do we supply our unique fishing baits for a good price that is hard to be beaten. But we also have a Facebook page where customers and members alike can check up on new updates and can post any catches caught using our baits. We are one of those carp bait companies not compromising on quality when it comes to ingredients in our UCB baits. The results will speak louder than words and we are confident your catch rate will increase. The baits give the fish their dietary needs as well as other benefits offered to the fish using our carp baits.


carp bait company Leicestershire

James Sperry


carp bait companies Leicestershire

Julian Dove

Head Bait Tester